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Welcome to Cosmopolitan Hotel

Hotel Cosmopolitan is a self-service hotel for the business traveler on the move. The hotel has key business friendly features like free Wi-Fi, Access control sound proof rooms & Lavish buffet.

Located on Railway Station in the heart of the city, Cosmopolitan is a clever choice for traveler who need a comfortable stay, with a great night sleep at an exceptional price. The multi-cuisine restaurant Desi Palette serves pure vegetarian cuisine prepared with the finest ingredients. The hotel is in close proximity to Industrial areas & pilgrimage destinations such as Mahakaleshwar Temple (Ujjain) and Omkareshwar Temple.

  • A choice of vegetarian cuisines, Tea & Snacks
  • All rooms are self contained with facility of AC and TV.
  • Facility of Power Backup, Dining Hall & Transport arrangement.


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