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About Us

Enjoy Comfortable Homely Stay

Established in the year 2017 Cosmopolitan has been designed to provide its guests a comfortable homely stay with all the amenities of a luxury hotel. We strives to be a place which provides an easy going atmosphere replete with warm caring hospitality.

Our lobby is designed to be casual, quirky & laid back. The sophistication of a premium hotel has been removed but instead what you get is an atmosphere of a homely café.

Our restaurant serves delectable multi-cuisine spread made with the freshest local ingredients. The restaurant shows sports, music & live events which helps guest connect with each other.

Our Amenities

Hotel Cosmopolitan provides world class amenities with top of the line service.

Free Hi-Speed Wi-Fi

We provide free high speed Wifi on all rooms

HD Screen LED

The room features flat HD Screen LED TV

Conference Hall

Conference facilities for business meetings are available

Safety & Security

The hotel complies with the requirements of Safety & Security

Multicuisine Restaurant

Pure vegetarian multi-cuisine restaurant Desi Palette

Hot & Cold Running Shower

The room had a fantastic Hot & Cold Running Shower

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